Our Nike uniforms ordered online from and shipped from - Lloyd’s Soccer.

 STEP A: If you haven’t completed your child’s registration in the system please do so now.

  STEP 1: Send your coach or Denise Tucker 4 choices for jersey number.

  STEP 2: The coach will then select the first available number in your number choices.

  STEP 3: We then plug that jersey number and your contact information into the uniform ordering site.

  STEP 4: The uniform ordering site, myuniform.lloydssoccer.com, will send you an automated e-mail enabling you to log into the ordering site.

  STEP 5: From the ordering site you are able to place order for the uniform pieces and the jersey number will automatically be associated with your order.

Nike - Sizing Charts

Nike - Youth Size Chart

Nike - Sock Size Chart

Nike - Men’s Adult Size Chart

Nike - Women’s Adult Size Chart