Academy Program

The Academy program is designed to prepare our competitive players for our Select Program which begins at U13. Our goal is prepare Academy players for the rigors of Select Soccer by providing an intense training environment. The program is designed for parents and players that are ready to commit to higher level of player development. Parents and players stepping into the Academy Program need to realize the program requires a higher level of commitment of time, energy, and finances. In return, players get the opportunity to focus in on their improvement both technically and tactically, while taking on the best competition from top clubs around the Metro Atlanta area.

Our program is centered on both improving the player’s individual techniques and improving the player’s ability to play within a team. We want our players to become technically proficient with the ball while understanding how to play within groups of players within the team and the team itself. We want to teach players how to make good decisions within the confines of both training and matches that they play.

The most important part of our Academy program is the training time that our players have. We offer three (3) nights of training per week for all of our players throughout the year where we expect that players attend two (2) days of training per week. We encourage all of our players to train as often as they like and to play with a ball every day, and we try to provide players with ideas for ways that they can enjoy spending time playing by themselves or in small groups away from team training. We have very high expectations of our players during training, as we believe that quality training is great path forward to becoming a better player. We employ a pool play Academy system where each player is involved with training with one other age group for two of the sessions; i.e. we train our U9 and U10 ages together and our U11 and U12 ages together. For the third session, it is designed so that players get the opportunity to train with and against older players. We have seen that this provides the best opportunity for players to train with several different environments to get the most out of their training environment.


  • Training

    • 2 mandatory training sessions a week
    • Additional optional training session a week
  • Academy Events

    • Academy festival events throughout the season with clubs from around the Atlanta Metro area
    • 10-12 events per season
  • Player Pool System

    • Allows flexibility to move players to different teams for each academy event in order to give each player the level of play that fits their current player development needs


  • Environment

    • Provide an atmosphere where young players are exposed to the game with an emphasis on skill development more than team development.
  • Focus

    • Player development over winning.
  • Player development over winning

    • Having fun and learning to love the game
    • Education
  • Education

    • Educating players and parents on the benefits of player development
Josh Bivens

Josh Bivens

Academy Director