Athena and Classic Programs

The Select Program begins with the U13 age group and it is for the serious soccer player that wants to play at the highest level of competition available.

Our goal is to help our players compete at the highest level possible in a challenging environment that will encourage players to strive for their true potential. Our Select teams frequently travel to out-of-state tournaments to find the best competition which increases the need for a firm commitment of time and money by both the player and the parent.

Open try-outs – for the Select age groups are scheduled (as per GSSA rules) in late May and early June

Requires Commitment – Select soccer requires a firm commitment of time and money by both the player and the parent.


Who is eligible to tryout?
Any player from within GS’s competitive and recreational programs, along with any player from outside the club, is welcome to attend tryouts. There is no cost to tryout.
Do current GS players have to attend tryouts?
Yes, all players must tryout again each year.
Should I register online?
Yes. Every player trying out for GS should register online. This allows us to know how many players will be attending and prepare our coaches. It will also speed up the check-in process.
Should I attend all tryout sessions?
We recommend that players attend all tryout sessions. Coaches use multiple tryout sessions to get the best look at each player in order to make the best possible decisions on team placements.
What if it rains?
In the case of inclement weather for which a session is cancelled, please check the GS website for alternate tryout dates.
Can I play for an older team?
One of the goals of GS is to make sure that each player is placed on a team not necessarily based on age but on ability. It is in every player’s best interest, from a soccer development standpoint, to play with players of like-ability. For this reason, if GS technical staff determines that it is in your best interest to play up a year, a decision can be made at that time. Players deemed fit to play up an age group by the coaching staff and directors is someone that is considered a starter or impact player for the older team.
Who should I contact with tryout questions?
You can contact coaches directly with your child’s age. Their email contact information is listed with each age group or you can contact club admin with a general email sent to [email protected]
What should I bring to tryouts?
All players need to bring a soccer ball, cleats, shin guards and water to each tryout session. After you register, the first day of tryouts, you will receive a tryout number. Please wear that same tryout number to all of the GS tryout sessions.
Who is evaluating the tryouts?
GS’s current Academy and Select coaches as well as guest coaches brought in to help with specific age group evaluations.
What do the coaches look for during tryouts?
All players will be evaluated based on their technical and tactical ability as well as their physical abilities. Players who exhibit a strong work ethic and who display a respect for the game, coaches and fellow players will show well.
What occurs at each tryout?
We begin each session with a brief warm-up, and then we move into game environments as quickly as possible. Most of the games will tend to be small sided but this can vary to larger 9v9 and larger scenarios depending upon the age group. Getting players into game situations provides best opportunity and environment for GS staff to evaluate players.
When are selections made for each team?
Coaches may begin selecting players at the first tryout and continue up until the final stages of the tryout period. All players will be given verbal information from the age group coach to inform the parent/player on what team the player has been placed. In addition, after the tryout period, all players will receive formal communication from the age group coach regardless of whether your son or daughter makes a GS team or not. Offers for team placement may be done in person on the field and/or on the phone after a session. Final tryout results will be posted to the GS website under each player’s tryout number.
My family cannot afford to pay the soccer fees, is there a scholarship fund?
Yes. GS has a scholarship fund but our resources are limited. They are awarded strictly based on financial need and not on player’s ability. Once you have made a team, you can apply for a scholarship with the club.

Sasan Lak

Technical Director